“To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, [and] them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.”

Isaiah 42:7

Become a Worker with us!

Please consider joining our committee and sharing your joy and gratitude while serving to do this rewarding work, “letting your light so shine.What do you need to be qualified?

If you are a member of the Mother Church and a Branch Church Member your only real qualification is your deep desire to help others to spread the gospel and heal. There are several ways that you can be active, if you would like to consider one or more of the following types of volunteer positions.

Chaplain:  Available to all inmates for regular Christian Science church services as First Reader, and for providing one-to-one interviews at the request of the inmates, prayerfully responding to their questions and requested metaphysical treatments. (to be a Chaplain it is required that you have had class instruction)

Reader: Assists the Chaplain with the church services as the Second Reader. Or if a Chaplain is not available two Readers will host the church service based on the Bible Lesson, prayer and song for the invited inmates who have been called and ushered to the service by the Sheriff Deputies. Each service begins with a brief explanation about the history of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, The Science and Health and its foundation as a “key” to the Bible. After each service, inmates are invited to take the literature, and are commonly very polite and appreciative of your visit and interaction with them.

Representative: Responsible for communicating the fruitage work accomplished by the CSCIWOC workers to your church congregation. As a liaison, it is hoped that the testimonies or fruitage reports from the workers will be spoken about by the Representatives at their church’s weekly Wednesday Evening Meeting.

Metaphysical Committee:Each month the membership of one of the Orange County churches engages in prayerfully supporting the activities of the workers, the institutions, the inmates and the deputies. It is an opportunity for all to give and to receive this prayerful support, indispensable to the success of the committee’s ministry work.

Literature Distribution Worker: Gather, organize and prepare Christian Science literature for distribution to the institutional venues where the church service are held: Bibles (English and Spanish); Science and Health (English and Spanish);  The Christian Science Sentinel; El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana (Spanish); and the Christian Science Monitor. At the end of each service inmates are encouraged to take literature for study and reflection. The literature is also prepared for the Chaplain who will individually hand periodicals out to interested inmates during their one-on-one visits.

Please see the Contact Us tab of the website if you are ready and willing to take this wonderful step toward being of service to your fellowman. Future steps will include attending an Orange County Sheriff Department orientation meeting to learn the policies and procedures to comply with institutional facility regulation.